To lead is a responsibility Ashland University does not take lightly.

This obligation is especially significant when it comes to setting up our students for success, both now and for the future.

Ashland’s “Accent on the Individual” motto has a long, rich history. And for good reason! It remains as true today as it did decades ago. The individual is always the primary focus—because it’s through inspired, educated, and enlightened individuals coming together that true, lasting change happens in our world.

We love to hear from our students, alumni, donors, and friends. Every member of our Institutional Advancement team wants to serve and connect with you and incorporate you in the life of the University. Whether it's more information about a story on our homepage, or an event about which you would like more details, please don't hesitate to contact our leadership team—and, of course, consider showing your pride with a gift of support. We look forward to exploring how we can work together for a brighter future for all our students and the Ashland family.

Below, you can learn more about the dedicated individuals who work every day to create a holistic student experience for everyone who comes to Ashland to find their passion; their life’s calling; their story.

Dr. Carlos Campo


My story of Ashland is interesting, in that it didn’t happen here.

Back in my days as a professor, I taught 20th-century drama and English. I began all of my classes by going around the room and asking each student to name a book they loved. I didn’t care what it was—as long as they were reading, I knew I could get through to them.

One student in particular—we’ll call him George—answered the question with a shake of his head: “I don’t read,” he said. “At all. I hate it.” I worked with him all semester, but by the end, it didn’t seem like I’d accomplished much. George still didn’t seem interested in reading.

Fast forward a few years, and I was pulling up to a hotel in Las Vegas. I looked out my window and saw a valet I recognized. I asked another employee if it was George.

The man replied, “George? You mean Shakespeare?”

“Shakespeare?” I asked, a bit confused.

“Yeah,” said the man. “We call him Shakespeare because he never shuts up about the books he’s always reading.”

I consider this my Ashland story because it fully encapsulates what our mission is here at this institution. Because, if we truly believe in the “Accent on the Individual” credo, then it directly follows that we believe each and every student, faculty member, alumnus and staff member has intrinsic worth. Each has extraordinary value. From day one, it’s been my mission to make sure no student fails here at Ashland as long as I’m President. I—and my entire team—work every day to make sure no individual is ever treated like just another member of the group. I firmly believe there is no such thing as “an average human being.” We all have a higher purpose, a divine calling, and it is our job to make sure everyone within the Ashland community is given every opportunity to realize their potential.

Kyle Vaughn

Executive Director of Institutional Advancement

Dr. Sharon Valente was my advisor while I was here as a finance major. She took a genuine interest in me as a student and pushed me beyond what I thought I could do. She left the university in ’08, and we lost touch for a number of years. I was a late adopter of Facebook, and when I finally joined, within ten minutes, she’d sent me a friend request. She took a real interest in my life; she still sends me personal emails. Dr. Valente was a great teacher and made sure I was successful as a student while she was here. But, she’s shown time and time again that even though she’s not teaching here anymore, even all these years later, she’s still making sure that I’m successful in life.

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Lori Byron

Business Manager

One of the things I love about Ashland is the fact that my husband and I came here looking for jobs, but we found a home. I sometimes wish I was an alum of Ashland. I’ve seen “Accent on the Individual” in action here, but I never got to experience it firsthand as a student. My college experience was perfectly fine, but there’s still some jealousy there. I’ve felt it as an employee, of course, but I would’ve loved to be in this environment as an 18-year-old.

We have a family at both the University and the Seminary, and you can feel the warmth and love radiating off of people. I have family in New York and Pennsylvania who come visit us, and they’re like, “How in the world did you find this place?” Everyone is just exceptionally loving, incredibly giving, and when they say they’re praying for you, they actually mean it. If you’re going through a hard time, you’re getting an extra dose of support. Even months later, you still get follow-up care—around the holidays, for example. It’s amazing. People make fun of the whole “Ashland is someplace special,” but having lived a lot of other places, it really is true.

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Jason Miller

Chief Advancement Officer

I think some of my fondest memories at Ashland came from playing on the baseball team. At the time, Ashland was the only Division II school in Ohio, so we traveled all over the Midwest. We also played a lot of Division I schools, including several Big 10 teams—Michigan State, Ohio State, Indiana. In 1995, we made it to the College World Series. We took a bus down to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The whole experience was fantastic. I built a lot of lasting friendships during that time, and those years as an undergrad here shaped the direction of my life in amazing and lasting ways.

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Adelyn Coder

Donor Experience Officer

When I first stepped onto Ashland’s campus as a junior in high school, I knew this place would be my home for the next four years. What I couldn’t have predicted, though, was how the close relationships I formed with faculty, staff, coaches and members of the community would impact my life to the point where I’d want to call Ashland home forever. During my time at Ashland, I experienced some amazing opportunities, which allowed me to make lifelong memories, including a chance to study abroad in Paris, France and be on the Cheer Team for four years. My experience here taught me how to think, not what to think, and it’s through the school’s commitment to Accent on the Individual that members of our community are able to grow into bright, kind individuals who work, serve and lead in whatever roles our individual callings lead us toward. I am beyond excited to return to my alma mater to help students achieve their dreams through interacting with our valued supporters and creating the same quality of memories I experienced here as a student. I will forever bleed purple and gold and I can't wait to help others fall in love with this university in the same way I did!

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Amy Clark

Associate Director of Planned Giving

I’ve been at Ashland University almost 19 years. I love the atmosphere and the people. My co-workers are my extended family – my friends away from home. I came to Ashland with a paralegal degree and while working full-time, I completed my bachelor’s degree. Being a non-traditional student, I attended classes in the evenings and on weekends. I am grateful to Ashland for the opportunity to earn my degree, work, and allow my children to attend AU.

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Jeff Alix

Director of Alumni Engagement

Being from New Hampshire, as a high school senior I had never heard of Ashland University. A good family friend graduated from here, though, and he turned me on to what a great place this was. I wanted to play basketball, which was another reason why Ashland felt like it was a good fit. That first semester, however, was kind of a rough transition. If it hadn't been for professors like Dr. Bob Wendling and Dr. Don Rinehart, I doubt I would have stayed. But they reached out to me on a personal level and made me feel welcome. They cared about my academics, of course, but their main concern was for me as an individual. Those are the things that stick with you through the years, and those experiences have helped me a lot in my current position here at the University. In building relationships with other alumni, the experiences where the “Accent on the Individual” really stands out are what connect those who graduated from Ashland to those currently experiencing Ashland and all it has to offer first-hand. People here care about each other, which is one of the main reasons Ashland is such a special place.

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Kendal Meyer


Being an Ashland local, I have always felt drawn to Ashland University. From the first moment I set foot on campus for my admissions tour, I knew I would be calling this wonderful place my home for the next four years. What I did not know was how many special connections I would make and how many incredible opportunities I would receive through the help of our outstanding faculty and staff. Ashland University allowed me to transform. I went from a shy, scared freshman girl with no idea what was coming next to being driven and making strides in a field I love. Through the help of my outstanding staff member mentor, Oscar McKnight, I was able to recognize my passions and realize they were right in front of me – on this campus that I adore! The Ashland University community believes in their graduates so much they are willing to retain them as their own faculty and staff. I am continually grateful to call Ashland my home–now and for years to come.

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Assistant Director of Alumni Programming

I feel like my co-workers are my family. The support I receive here is the single most memorable part of my experience here. I see the commitment to “Accent on the Individual” lived out each day. I also feel a lot of love and camaraderie with the alumni I’ve gotten to know over the years.

One of the most vivid memories I have of my time at AU was a few years ago when we organized a Greek reunion on campus. It was incredibly well-attended, and it was amazing to see all these people come back to the university and reconnect after all these years. And that’s what it’s all about, right? We’re in the business of reconnection.

To Contact the Office of Alumni Engagement: call 419-289-5082 or email alumni@ashland.edu

Allison Gourniak

Director of Annual Giving

My fondest memory of Ashland was receiving an “Ashland cookie” after my first interview. They sent it to me in Pennsylvania, where I was living at the time. It spoke to their commitment to the values we talked about during my interview. It felt like they cared about me. That experience inspired me to be more thoughtful towards people and to show that same level of kindness to those I interact with on a daily basis.

To Contact the Office of Alumni Engagement: call 419-289-5082 or email alumni@ashland.edu

Mark Libs

Director of Annual Giving

From my first moment at Ashland, I knew it was where I was meant to be. Everyone was so welcoming and genuinely interested in not only my past work experience but who I was as an individual. That warmth and genuine care truly inspired me to become part of the Ashland family.

My most vivid memory so far is talking with a number of our Alumni Board members at the homecoming football game. I’d only been working at Ashland for a few days, but they treated me as if I had known them for years. They helped me navigate campus, told me stories about their time at Ashland and they each thanked me for coming on board to help continue all the traditions they have grown to love.

To Contact the Alumni Office: call 419-289-5620 or email au-advancement@ashland.edu

Christy Grundy

Manager of Prospect Management and Research

After growing up here locally, attending Baldwin Wallace for my undergrad and living in Medina for a period of time, my husband and I returned to Ashland when we had children. We loved the idea of giving them the opportunity to grow up in this community. I’ve been at Ashland University for six years. Originally, I served as the Director of Residence Sites and Student Behavior, which allowed me to engage daily with students. I recently moved to Advancement, which gives me the opportunity to help our students in different, more behind-the-scenes ways.

During my time at AU, I’ve formed close relationships with the people here. My fellow employees are great people and the relationships we’ve built have become incredibly important to me. In Advancement, it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to come in every day and work to make the Ashland experience better for each student here. The funds we raise lead to more opportunities for growth and development, and I feel a real sense of responsibility to help Ashland University and everything its mission entails continue to touch lives and set our students up for success. Throughout my entire time at AU—from my previous directorial position and being a part of the first International MBA cohort in 2017, to my current job in Advancement—I’ve known it in my heart: I belong here.

To Contact the Office of Advancement Services: call 419-289-5620 or email au-advancement@ashland.edu

Karen Hoehn

Gift Processing and Records Coordinator

I’ve been at Ashland for 18 years. It’s been amazing to work on some of the great advancement initiatives and get to know our donors during my time here. One of my fondest memories was bringing my daughter to work with me some days during the summer, starting when she was two. As she grew up, she’d help with some tasks around the office—stapling, stuffing envelopes, those kinds of things. And now she’s 20 years old and a sophomore here at AU and my son is on the grounds crew!

To Contact the Office of Advancement Services: call 419-289-5620 or email au-advancement@ashland.edu

Stephanie Bull

Director of University Grants & Foundation Relations

I did both my graduate and undergraduate degrees here. The most important experiences I had happened during my study abroad cohorts. We went to Prague, Lisbon and Barcelona in one year, in two separate trips. We got to tour the Google facility in Prague. In Barcelona, we got to go see a live Barca FC football game in person. It was crazy. The bonds I made with the other students have been invaluable. Every trip was a fully top-notch experience from beginning to end. Traveling with our professors turns those teachers into mentors, and I’m still in touch with them. Just the chance to form those bonds and experience the world together was invaluable. I’ve taken all of those experiences and applied it to what I’m able to do for students at AU today. There are so many unique opportunities that happen at Ashland that just don’t happen anywhere else, and I’m in a great position now to pay all of that forward.

To Contact the Office of Grants and Foundation Relations: call 419-289-5620 or email au-advancement@ashland.edu

Shelley Rindfuss

Grants Manager

When I think about Ashland, I first think about the people. I feel like my superiors make it a point to advocate for me. And I have felt that support from the first moment I arrived here. It’s such a positive environment.

The people here are amazing. Sharon (Lowe) has been incredible to work for. She’s left a huge impression on me. We celebrate each other. We love what we do. And we get the job done. It’s incredible.

I came from Cleveland, but now I’m from a farm community. I’ve even learned how to work a combine. You see the harvest and the work that goes into it. The transition has been incredible. The seeds are planted, the shoots come up, and the farmers are responsible for making sure everything—and everyone—around you grows into what they’re supposed to be. My job now isn’t all that much different.

To Contact the Office of Grants and Foundation Relations: call 419-289-5620 or email au-advancement@ashland.edu

Sarah Swaisgood

Proposal Writer, University Grants and Foundation Relations

One of my favorite memories of AU is from years ago, long before I worked here. I was helping to coordinate a PTO fundraiser event at my kids’ elementary school. We wanted the event to be fun, high-energy and focused on fitness. One of our committee members reached out to the AU Women’s Basketball team to be a part of our event. The team enthusiastically agreed, which was amazing, because in Ashland they were practically celebrities. On the day of the event, they were wonderful with the kids, leading them through yoga, hula-hooping and even running laps around the field (the parents were grateful because we didn’t have to do it!). The young women were not only willing to serve but showed genuine love and care for the children in our community. We were both incredibly thankful to the women’s team and so impressed with their all-around character. The student-athletes illustrated the values of Ashland University. AU cares not only about each student’s academic development but also about helping them grow as individuals who will someday be part of a greater community. I’m proud to be a part of that!

To Contact the Office of Grants and Foundation Relations: call 419-289-5620 or email au-advancement@ashland.edu