Alumni Board Member Expectations



As a member of the Ashland University Alumni Association Board of Directors, you are selected to hold the position based on demonstrated involvement, support and commitment to Ashland University. In accepting the three-year appointment, our board members agree to fulfill the responsibilities associated with Board membership. The board requires that you:

1. Attend and actively participate at the scheduled Board meetings each year. If unable to attend a meeting, give adequate notice of your absence (at least 48 hours) to the Board President and the Office of Alumni Engagement.

2. Serve actively on assigned Board committee.

3. Seek out and encourage talented alumni for the Board of Directors, alumni awards and other alumni activities.

4. Be an ambassador and an advocate of the Alumni Association and of Ashland University. This involves talking with prospective students, communicating with other alumni, and attending local alumni events and activities. Be familiar with the programs and activities sponsored, organized and coordinated by the Alumni Association and participate in them, including major campus events.

5. Contribute your time, talent and financial resources to Ashland University. Board members are expected to make Ashland University one of their philanthropic priorities, through support of the Ashland Fund as well as Board-sponsored initiatives.

6. Assist the University and the Alumni Association in identifying, cultivating, and involving alumni in areas such as student recruitment, internships, job placement, legislative advocacy, and financial support.

7. Assist the University and the Office of Alumni Engagement in identifying and implementing programming that will enhance the student experience at Ashland University, thus helping mold more loyal alumni.

8. Offer ideas to help make the Board of Directors and the Alumni Association more meaningful to the alumni constituency. Approach all Board issues with an open mind, prepared to make the best decisions for the good of the whole.

9. Do nothing to violate the trust of those the Board serves.

10. Maintain confidentiality with pertinent University information.