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Of all the resources at our disposal, time is the most finite—and, as a result, our most valuable.

For students planning for a successful future, using that resource effectively means connecting with mentors who were once where you are right now and who have a lifetime of wisdom and guidance to share.

For mentors, using your time to foster those relationships with students who need it most will pay dividends for everyone involved. And no matter how much time you have to give, you can make a huge impact on the lives of others.

Ashland University’s GUIDE Network brings mentors and students together. Mentors are able to partner with students to offer experience, wisdom and hard-earned knowledge that will set them up for success.

Just as our mentors were inspired by those who took the time to engage with them earlier in life, this program allows mentors to connect with the next generation of Eagles and invest in their future. And for students, this program offers a unique opportunity to grow both personally and professionally and prepare for the world beyond campus borders.

for mentors

Utilizing the WISR technology platform, GUIDE Network mentors can participate in this program regardless of where you live. WISR’s interface allows you to engage with students and build strong connections throughout their educational journey. You have the potential to share your knowledge through informational interviews via telephone, email, Skype, Zoom or in person. In some cases, shadowing and internship opportunities might be available.
  • Make a difference in the lives of students at a pivotal time in their lives
  • Connect on your schedule in a variety of ways, with as much or as little time as you are able
  • Network with young professionals in your industry
  • Inspire Ashland University students as they begin their career journeys
  • See ongoing benefits of investing your time in the lives of others
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For Students

The mission of the program is to provide an opportunity to connect current students with Ashland University graduates or friends of Ashland University for the purpose of career exploration. Through WISR’s technology platform, which allows for connection with mentors next door or across the world, the GUIDE Network gives students who are exploring career options the opportunity to learn about careers they are considering. For students, the mentoring relationship and the potential network connections are an invaluable resource, and we’ve made it easier than ever to engage.
  • Connect with alumni and friends of the University with real world knowledge and experience
  • Begin building your network and find guidance from mentors who are invested in your success
  • Make career connections and gain industry insights through one-on-one engagement
  • Learn from those who reflect your values and ideals
  • Invest in your future and set yourself up for lifelong success
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