Kevin Blann


Class of 1981

I started at Ashland as a pre-med student, but was really struggling with mathematics. Dr. Alan Poorman saw I was having trouble and took me under his wing. I came to Ashland as a remedial math student and left the college with differential equations. Throughout the entire process, this man would take me to his house, sit me down, and teach me various types of mathematics. It was really that simple. I ended up working at Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio doing high level applied science; I was a stock broker and portfolio manager for the Columbus office of Smith Barney; and now I’m with the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System. Much of my success has a direct correlation with Dr. Poorman keeping me after class and working with me on the weekends to ensure I learned what I needed. He could have pulled me aside at any point and told me the class wasn’t for me. But instead, he insisted on pouring even more of his time into me.

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