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Desiree Donhauser (Derschug)


Class of 2003

As an incoming freshman, I was terrified to perform in front of people. I had terrible stage fright. Not knowing how many times I would have to perform in front of people while at school, I was always a nervous wreck. My juries and recitals were never the best. My confidence was at rock bottom when it came to playing or doing anything on my own. With the help of Dr. Reed, Dr. Blackley, Mr. Salvo and Elizabeth Pastor, they worked with me endlessly to get my confidence up so I was comfortable to play on my own. I never performed my junior recital because I was too scared to do so, but the senior recital was required to graduate. All four of them stood by me and encouraged me every day. My senior recital was probably the best I have ever played. Now, I am always confident in everything I do and without them I would never have graduated or become the teacher I am today. They inspired my self confidence. I am truly blessed to have had teachers who made learning and performing fun and exciting.

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