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Ashland is built on moments of real connection and inspiration. That’s why we’ve launched the Campaign for Every Individual. It’s an engagement and fundraising initiative that will expand opportunities, broaden our donor base, and rally our community.

And, through this ambitious initiative we want to tell one thousand stories.


Because these stories are what TRULY make up the rich history of Ashland.

Your Ashland story started here. And we want to hear it.

Tell us what Ashland gave to you—and what you, in turn, have given to the world. Tell us the story of the moments at Ashland that shaped the rest of your life.

Experience The
Stories of Ashland

At Ashland University, everything begins with the individual. One student. One moment. And the one thing calling out to them, catching their ear, and drawing them on to pursue the adventure that breathes meaning and purpose into the rest of their life.

Each moment is rooted in its time, and each story emerges creating another thread in the tapestry that is the Ashland experience. Some of these stories begin with a bang. Others start in silence. Some don’t reveal themselves right away. Others shine like a bright star pinned against the sky, a clear call to follow.

But no matter how the story begins, from that moment, nothing else is ever the same. Lives are transformed. Communities are rebuilt. Worlds are reshaped. And we grow stronger together.

Experience the stories of Ashland below.

Featured Stories

Michelle Koussa


Jud Logan

Head Men and Women’s Track and Field Coach

Richard Jordan


Debbie Sullivan

Alumna, Former Faculty, Staff

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