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Diane Bonfiglio (Vinskovich)

Alumna, Faculty

Class of 1998

Associate Professor of Psychology

As a student at Ashland University, I fell in love with psychology. That love was nurtured by my professors, who were as passionate about psychology as I was, and who clearly demonstrated it every time they set foot into the classroom. My classes were interesting and fun, and my professors really cared about what I was learning. So, not only did I fall in love with psychology, I also had amazing models for what I wanted in a future career. I wanted to spend my days studying, thinking and talking about what I love, along with encouraging students to love their learning, too. After graduate school, I started applying for faculty jobs. The faculty job market is tough and many professors end up teaching at schools that are far away from where they grew up or went to undergrad. But, I was tremendously lucky and a job opened up at Ashland that was a good match for me. I couldn’t believe it when I was offered the job and given the opportunity to move with my family back to Ashland! I spend my days working with students and doing my best to try to emulate the professors I had when I was a student here. I am thankful every day to be an Eagle!

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