Ashland is built upon the idea that each individual who passes through these halls deserves every possible opportunity to succeed.

For our student-athletes, that means opportunities on the court and off, on the field and in the classroom.

The legacy of Ashland University is creating a culture of success for each of our student-athletes as they come together and achieve great things.

But, here’s the truth: we can’t do it without your help.

Our championships are won by the hard work, talent, teamwork and values of our athletes and coaches. But lifting the weight of those trophies relies on the generosity of those who give financially to our athletic programs. For every roar of the crowd, someone’s generosity has sounded the first rising voice. For every ball sent over the fence, a gift has provided the first kinetic charge of the bat’s momentum. For each ball falling silently through the net from beyond the arc against the buzzer’s blare, a donation has set the stage for the assist that made it all happen.

Help build our lasting legacy of enriching and expanding the student-athlete experience. Be an integral part of our success!

Athletic Endowment Funds

An Athletic Endowment fund is a sport-specific endowment. Your gift will directly benefit the team of your choice and will provide ongoing opportunities for the coaches and individual student-athletes to cover their basic needs, provide further scholarship opportunities, attract the highest levels of talent to our athletic program and allow the athletic staff and coaches the flexibility to position each of their student-athletes for success.

Through the years, our teams have competed at the highest levels of their individual sports and Athletic Endowment funds ensure success continues into the future. You are vital to continuing the tradition. We are inviting you to join us in creating opportunities for both current and future student-athletes with a commitment of $25,000 or more. Whether you’ve given in the past or are waiting for the right opportunity, you are invited to become a pillar of this exciting new endeavor.

With a gift, you will leave your own legacy of lasting success, creating unique opportunities for our individual student-athletes to continue Ashland’s tradition of winning, both for today and long into the future.

Athletic Annual Scholarships

Named annual scholarships provide immediate multi-year financial support for our student-athletes. Another benefit of increasing the giving to our athletic programs is that it gives our coaches and staff additional leverage when it comes to recruiting the best student-athletes. This increased ability to recruit in a highly competitive environment has a positive impact, not just in the area of athletics, but within the Ashland community as a whole.

Commitments must be four years and can be renewed for an additional four years. These gifts qualify for a fund named in recognition of the donor or honoree for the duration of the funding period. The following are examples of annual scholarships.


Minimum Gift Per Year

Total Commitment

Athletic Director Annual Scholarship



Coaches Annual Scholarship



Athletic Annual Scholarship



Special Programs

Locker Legacy Program

The Ashland University Locker Legacy program is designed to give student-athletes the ability to leave their legacy in the locker room of his or her sport. Generations of student-athletes have given their all for AU. They have celebrated in that locker room, they have cried in that locker room, and today, with a gift or pledge (payable over four years) of $1,000, they can continue to be a part of that. Supporters of AU Athletics may also participate in the Locker Legacy Program by making a gift in honor of one or more student-athletes.

Varsity Walk

The Varsity Walk program is designed for donors to be recognized permanently as a member of AU Athletics. The Varsity Walk is located around “Old Abe” where engraved bricks recognize those that gave their all for AU Athletics. A gift of $300 to the Varsity Walk Endowment Fund will allow you to purchase your brick or honor a loved one.

The Varsity Walk Endowment Fund was established to assist in equipment and facility enhancement within the Athletic Department. Continuing to be one of the best athletic departments in NCAA II takes a tremendous amount of effort from our student-athletes and our supporters. The principal of the Varsity Walk Endowment will never be touched and the endowment will provide steady income for generations to come.

The Softball Stadium

Ashland University Softball has a long tradition of success. Since 1983, the program has accumulated 1,063 wins under only four different coaches—Sue Martensen, Karen Linder, Sheilah Gulas and current head coach and former All-American pitcher, Emlyn Knerem.

But, throughout this great tradition of softball, a true home game has never been played for this program. With support from alumni and friends, we can build a softball stadium that will honor the rich traditions of AU Softball.

The new stadium will provide softball the much needed flexibility to schedule practices, youth clinics, camps and games. In addition, it will allow us to truly offer a home field advantage and environment in which our student-athletes are proud to compete. The softball alumnae refer to themselves as an army. This new stadium will be the new gathering place for this army to come and celebrate and cheer on the current team, as well as reminisce on their time as a proud member of AU Softball.

Ashland University plans to build the stadium at Sarver Complex next to Donges Field/Tomassi Stadium. This project will create a complete complex that builds excitement around both softball and baseball. A new access road from King Road will be added, as well as a new parking lot. In addition, a centralized building for concessions and restrooms will be constructed. The softball stadium will include a press box, stadium seating, bullpens, dugouts, scoreboard, and field.