Military & Veteran Resource Center

Ashland currently serves more than 200 veteran and military families. They bring a wealth of knowledge about living abroad, as well as deep personal experience with innovation, accountability and responsibility.

One obstacle, however, is service members and veterans who could potentially go to college—under the age of 44—are underserved and underrepresented. By serving this population of students, we will continue to enrich our classroom discussions and enhance campus diversity.

Veterans have different needs than other students. So, to better serve this population, we have made some changes to our campus.

The Jack W. Liebert Military & Veteran Resource Center, also known to students as “The Jack,” is centrally located on Ashland’s main campus. Support services offered through the center will include recruitment, admissions, registration and GI Bill processing, financial aid, academic advising, accessibility services, mental health counseling, and career development.

The Jack will meet the needs of our veterans and those who serve them on campus. It will include conference spaces and offices for support staff and a USO-style lounge where veteran students and staff can share a sense of camaraderie in a comfortable space. Two studio-apartment-style rooms will provide emergency housing accommodations to veterans and their families at a moment’s notice. Living communities are also being formed to meet the specific needs of current student veterans living on campus.

The story of the Military & Veteran Resource Center is one of an individual’s vision and passion creating momentum, and a gift from the state ensuring the project continues to progress.

Sparked by Debbie Liebert Karl’s (’72) unique passion for veterans in the Ashland University community she gave $1,000,000. Her gift was fueled by the fact that Ashland once took a chance on her as an incoming freshman. Her dream was to give back to both the University and its veteran students in a way that makes a real difference in their individual lives.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, fanned the flames of this project. Serving Ohio's military and veteran population aligns with his priorities as governor. Ashland University has received $975,850 from the state and has partnered with the Gov. DeWine to support military and veteran students who need a high level of attention as they navigate their way back into civilian and student life.

This incredible center is truly just the beginning. But we can’t bring this vision to fruition without support of individuals looking for unique and effective ways to honor those willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect and serve.

Student-veterans, military members and their families attending Ashland University have various and unique needs. Your contribution can support scholarships for those who've exhausted their VA benefits and those who have partial benefits, or assist veterans and their families who have emergency living needs or other unexpected expenses.