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Equipping Each

to live a life fueled by their unique purpose.

The Drive for Ashland

Three Clubs. Seventy-two holes. Twenty-four hours.

During The Drive for Ashland, Trustee and Alumnus, Fred Broad '75 played 72 holes of golf in one day. Along the way, he had one-on-one conversations with fellow donors, current and former students who have directly benefited from our community’s generosity, and other guests who continue to be instrumental in Ashland’s ability to deliver on its promises.

The Drive for Ashland is a unique opportunity to help us close out The Campaign for Every Individual.

01. Get Involved


01. Get Involved

Philanthropy at Ashland is about more than fundraising. It’s how we live out our mission every day.

Philanthropy certainly involves money. But it also involves giving of your time, experience and expertise.

Your involvement allows us to continue to provide exclusive opportunities for our students. Through our continuing dedication to “Accent on the Individual,” our mission is to equip each individual to live a life fueled by their unique purpose. Sharing your experience with current students is a great way to reengage with Ashland University and provide invaluable advice about life as they grow into the people they were designed to be.

There are many ways you can join us and do your part to give back to the Ashland University community.

For Families of Alumni

02. Stories


02. Experience The Stories Of Ashland

We all have our stories of Ashland University. Some are big, monumental stories. Others come from quiet moments, only growing in significance over time.

But the thing about stories is that we’re rarely there for the beginning... or there for the end.

Your story of Ashland University depends on the stories of others. Those who came before us—and their stories—are what set the stage for the opportunities we all experienced while at Ashland.

Since 2019, we've been collecting stories from hundreds of people who've had their lives and futures transformed by “Accent on the Individual” during their time at Ashland. We believe these stories are what truly make up the rich history of Ashland University—even as they simultaneously lay the groundwork for all the lives that will be changed here for generations to come.

03. Priorities


03. Our Priorities

Since its inception, Ashland University’s supporters have given out of love, generosity, and in support of the ideals that continue to serve as the foundation for the University and its mission. We strive to fulfill each day the promise our founders made in the beginning, which is to provide unique opportunities for our students to learn and grow into the people they were designed to be.

However, we can’t provide these life-changing opportunities without your financial support. Your experiences at Ashland were fueled by the generosity of those who came before you. Now we invite you to do the same for the current and future generations of Eagles. Check out our current advancement priorities below and discover how each one is designed to offer the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of our students.

Annual Giving

Faculty Support

Campus Beautification


Military & Veteran Resource Center


04. Give


04. Ways To Give

Whether you want to renew an ongoing gift or make a one-time gift, we offer multiple ways for you to provide current and future generations of Eagles with life-changing opportunities.

05. Alumni


05. Alumni

Ashland’s dedication to the “Accent on the Individual” applies to both our current generation of students as well as our alumni. We view all Eagles as family, deserving of honor and attention, no matter how many years happen to separate us. We’re here for you, no matter what. It’s the Ashland way.

06. About


06. Our Leadership Team

We at Ashland love to hear from our students, alumni, donors and friends. Every member of our team wants to serve and connect with you and incorporate our constituents in the life of the University.

We look forward to working together for a brighter future for all our students and the Ashland family. Go Eagles!




Every gift we receive creates an incredible experience for current and future generations of Eagles. Learn more below about how we can align our goals and continue our mission to provide momentum for people who will change the world.