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Emily Day


Class of 2012

I didn’t want to go to Ashland. My mom went to Ashland—I thought my dad would be jealous that I chose her alma mater— and it was close to home, but I wanted to do something different. As soon as I came to do my college visit, though, I knew it was the place for me. Even my dad wanted me to go there! I immediately felt at home and I didn’t even apply anywhere else. But, I then had a rough first year, as many do, and almost didn’t go back for my sophomore year. But Ashland and the people brought me back! I knew my journey there wasn’t through and, boy, am I glad I changed my mind! Ashland has given me so many things! It’s given me lifelong friendships, somewhere to always come back to and also something that’s made the bond between my mom and I even stronger! We will always have Ashland and I am so thankful for that!

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